HERITAGE NATURAL FARM  is a small 10 acre hilltop farm, not far from wineries and beautiful, rolling hills along the Missouri River.

   We are dedicated to keeping our land, organic and all natural.

   This is an inviting and healthy lifestyle for our livestock family.

   This year, I am starting with Heritage Breeds of Rhode Island Reds and

Heritage Delaware chickens. Along with the chickens, we have three pair

 of Pilgrim Geese joining the family.

   They will all be pasture fed and allowed the freedom of grazing,

scratching and roaming the fenced land.

   Evening time, is when the chickens and geese will be brought into their

shelter, or coop and supplimented with an Certified All Natural Feed.

   Heritage Natural Farm will have available fresh, delicious, and all

natural brown eggs for sale.

   In the future, we hope to have available young chickens and geese that

have been hatched the "natural" way. No brooders, just ole mother hen and

mother goose.


The whole crew of Heritage Rhode Island Reds and Delaware chicks. 

 The geese at 2 weeks of age,  growing as quickly as the spring grass that they love to snack on daily.

Springtime in bloom at Heritage Natural Farm, along with the arrival of our new babies.

Three pair of our newly arrived Pilgrim Geese.  

One of our newly hatched Pilgrim Geese, April 27-2010. Ready for his

afternoon nap. 

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